On this website you will find resources to support the teaching of Indigenous perspectives in all areas of the curriculum.

As a society, we have been asked by the Indigenous peoples of Canada to hear their stories, understand past injustices, and respond by learning more and working towards reconciliation.  A great place to begin to learn is at #Next150.  With the acknowledgement of our shared experiences, we can begin to learn more while we teach the next generation of Canadians.

We invite others to contribute to the resources so that we will be able to continue to add new and interesting links as they come to us.  Please feel free to contribute using the Feedback Form.  We will evaluate submissions and add them to the lists as we can.

Many resources have been copied from the Aboriginal Resources Twitter feed (@aboreducqc) in order to curate them under sensible headings to make them easier to find.  Many links have come directly from school librarians and documentation technicians who are always on the look-out for new and useful materials.  Others come from knowledgeable people in the Quebec Ministry of Education.  Many websites published by Indigenous organisations have been very helpful in providing good recommendations.  In addition, we have added many valuable resources from provinces and territories across Canada who are well advanced in this area of curriculum development and give us much to share.