Canada’s Territory Acknowledgement

Canada’s Impossible Acknowledgment [sic]

News article in The New Yorker by Stephen Marche  September 7, 2017

“… the acknowledgment [sic] is spreading. No level of government has mandated the practice; it is spreading of its own accord.

There is no single acknowledgment [sic]. There are many acknowledgments [sic], depending on where you are in the country.”  [Website quote]

First Nation Protocol on Traditional Territory

It can be customary between one First Nation and another to acknowledge the host Nation Peoples and their traditional territory at the outset of any meeting. The long struggle by First Nations to maintain traditions has been tough, but through it all this basic protocol has survived and thrived.

Respectful acknowledgement of First Nation protocol is increasingly becoming the norm at the beginning of meetings and events – but some may wonder why. [Website quote]

“Why is it good protocol to thank the host nation? Because you are acknowledging that that Nation has had a relationship since time immemorial with the land you are standing on. It is a sign of respect and recognition, and you can’t go wrong with respect and recognition.” [Website quote]

University of Calgary Guidelines

Cultural Protocol Guidelines: Recommended Practices for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Cultural
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Acknowledgement Guidelines from REEL Canada

Links to several different protocols

Guide to Acknowledging First Peoples & Traditional Territory

” … the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) recommended territorial acknowledgement for institutions where our members work, organized by province.  While most of these campuses are included, the list will gradually become more complete as we learn more about specific traditional territories.” [Website quote]

Find the names of the local nations upon which land you are residing or working


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