KAIROS – Winds of Change Provincial Report Cards

“At its core, the Winds of Change campaign is advocating for changed behaviours and attitudes towards Indigenous People in Canada. The transformation comes from starting with one perception or attitude and ending up with another.” [Quote: KAIROS – Indigenous Rights.  October 9, 2018. MEDIA RELEASE: Encouraging progress on TRC Call to Action 62.i: Education for Reconciliation]

Most provinces and territories of Canada are working towards developing and implementing curriculum.  Quebec is the only one that is still showing “significant work required” on implementing the Calls to Action for the TRC in the provincial curriculum.  The video below explains why that may be so, the main reason is the need to work with Indigenous people to develop the resources to ensure accuracy of history and culture.  Despite this,individual teachers and librarians are doing some amazing projects in this area, but we look forward to the day when resources are provided province-wide.

Read more on your province’s Report Card here.

Watch video on Report Card from KAIROS, click here. (One hour long)

CBC article on the Report (English)

ICI, Radio Canada ecoles autochtones traites rapport (français)


“Reconciliation is in the wind, a wind that is heralding change across the country. Over the mandate of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), we listened, we witnessed powerful truths, we shared emotions, and we were transformed. Now, three years later, we need to continue to respond.

Currently, the KAIROS Winds of Change campaign focuses on TRC Call to Action 62.i, also known as Education for Reconciliation.”

[Quote: .KAIROS – Winds of Change. Education is the cornerstone for change]

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